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These books are a selection of some of the best available on the subject of bamboo, especially for subtropical climates like Florida. Made available in association with Amazon.com. When you place your book order through this website, your order is processed and shipped by Amazon.com, one of the most well-known and trusted retailers on the web. (Note: This applies only to books - the plants available from Florida Bamboo are not available for shipping.)

Bamboo World

by Victor Cusack and Deirdre Stewart

This book is a must-have for anyone seriously interested in growing bamboos in Florida! Cusack is an Australian with a passion for tropical and subtropical clumping bamboos, and the scope of his book is simply breathtaking. Loaded with beautiful color photos throughout, the book also has lots of information on different varieties, planting & care, techniques for cutting, curing, and building with the canes. There are guidelines for planting and managing bamboo plantations for producing edible shoots and construction-quality canes. There are even recipes for bamboo shoots and directions for making paper from bamboo leaves! The authors' enthusiasm is contagious, and reading this book one really gets an appreciation for the thousand-and-one uses that cause many cultures to revere bamboo beyond any other plant. Some of the species covered are fairly tropical, so this book would be particularly of interest to gardeners in South Florida.

Bamboo for Gardens

by Ted Jordan Meredith

Another excellent book, filled with beautiful illustrations. Meredith gardens in the Pacific Northwest, and consequently much of his emphasis is on temperate zone bamboos, especially the running types. There's quite a lot in here about the tropical types, too, and Meredith's discussions of the botanical and taxonomic relations of bamboo make this book an informative read.

American Bamboos

by Emmet J. Judziewicz (editor), et al

"Bamboos are as American as maize, chili peppers, and mountain lions," begins this book, an eye-opening look at the tremendous biodiversity of bamboos native to the New World, chiefly Central and South America. A studious, academic treatise, the book is livened by the wonderful color photos of hundreds of species, ranging from tiny herbaceous bamboos to giant timber types, most apparently never introduced into this country. Unfortunately for those of us in North Florida, most seem to be either from the cool tropical highlands, and therefore not well adapted to our hot summers, or from the lowland tropics, and therefore unable to handle our frosty winters. The lowland types might do quite well in South Florida, with its nearly tropical climate, and indeed, bamboos of the South American genus Guadua are already becoming popular in South Florida.

The Craft and Art of Bamboo

by Carol Stangler

If you're interested in using bamboo poles for construction, this book had a guide to cutting and treating the canes, and an extensive array of projects you can make with them. Even if you never build a thing out of bamboo, you'll enjoy the pictures of bamboo fencing, handrails, a porch swing, sushi trays, and doormats.

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