"Specializing in clumping, noninvasive varieties of bamboo for Florida landscapes."

 Wong Chuk aka Royal Bamboo


Bring a touch of the exotic to your landscape! More and more people every year are realizing what spectacular landscape plants bamboos can be. And more and more people are realizing that by choosing clumping variety bamboos, they don't have to worry about the plants spreading uncontrollably. Clumping bamboos stay where you plant them!

At Florida Bamboo, our mission is to provide high quality plants of these little-known varieties of bamboo to homeowners and landscapers in Florida. Many of the varieties we sell are quite rare and highly sought-after. And because bamboos are unique in many aspects of their growth, care, propagation, and landscape effect, we provide this website to try to give a comprehensive information resource to acquaint you with everything you need to know to incorporate these spectacular plants into your landscape.

Our nursery is located in Citra, which is between Gainesville and Ocala, Florida. The nursery is open by appointment only.

About Bamboo

A beginner's guide to what bamboo is all about, including the tremendous diversity of different types, why clumping varieties are very different than the aggressive running bamboos most people are familiar with, and the many applications for which bamboo canes are used.

Common Questions and Answers

Bamboo is a complicated subject! Here are answers to many common questions about buying and planting: what varieties work for different purposes, which size plant to get, how many plants you'll need, etc.

Planting and Care

What to do to give your new plants the best start in life, and how to keep them growing well in the years to come.

Price list and descriptions

Finally - the plants!!! What types are available in what sizes and prices, with descriptions and photos. Includes the Field-Dug Bamboo Sale items and prices.

Cold Hardiness

Learn about the most important factor in determining which varieties will or will not do well in your area, and some strategies for pushing the limits of what your area's winters will allow.

Purchasing/Contact Information

How to order plants for delivery (in Alachua County only) or set up a time to visit the nursery. Or if you have questions still unanswered, feel free to call or email.

Books about Bamboo

These are great coffee-table items for bamboo afficionados, with lots of information and beautiful pictures. Available for ordering online, with immediate shipment.

Bamboo Links

Where to get more information on growing, harvesting, and building with bamboo. Where you can see mature bamboo plants in the ground in Florida. Where to buy plants if you can't easily make it to Gainesville.

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